This font, titled “Landscape Font,” by Gita Elek ( features the use of repetitive lines and shapes to create unity among the letters. Triangles and series’ of three lines are featured in many of the letters. The straight lines (examples seen on letters such as E,F, and H) juxtapose the triangular shapes (Examples in M, N, and W). The letters maintain a constant relative size throughout making reading them smooth and easy. Letters such as C,D, G, O, and Q are all based off a circular shape, linking them visually. The letters are not paced too far apart that it becomes hard to read, but they are also not too close that they blend together and become illegible. I was drawn to this font because of its twist on a traditional round shape font, with the use of added lines and triangular shapes and angles. It was generally pleasing to my eye and followed well letter to letter. The numerical characters follow the same patters and the letters, with the use of lines and angles.


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