Inspiration (7) – Julien Superb-Owl

Julien Superb-Owl – Paris, France

User Interface, Web Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Print, etc.
“young freelance Art Director who has a passion for projects mixing aesthetics, efficiency and originality… more generally on all projects related to interactivity.”


Inspiration (6) – Hedi Slimane, edit by Shane Small

Hedi Slimane, edit by Shane Small 

Hedi Slimane is a 47 year old fashion photographer from France.


Shane Small is a big name logo, game, and advertisement designer. He works with a lot of geometric shapes, and edit photographs (such as Hedi’s for art pieces)

Inspiration (4) – Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora – Double exposure portraits by Spanish-based artist Antonio Mora (a.k.a. Mylovt) blend human and nature worlds into surreal hybrid artworks. Mora works with images he’d found browsing through online databases, magazines and blogs, and then fuses them together using skillful photo manipulation techniques. –