Final Project


This is the visual representation of the mathematical symbol y=k. This is used as the base for many religious buildings, as well as a template to build other symbols. 
This symbol is used to represent every element. In other versions, each butter circle would have a symbol inside.
This is the symbol for the flower of life.

Thumbnails and final project process post

Process: I started by trying my two or three favorite processes digitally. I was looking more at technique and process, trying to figure out how they would work. (most are basic) I struggled with each of them in their own right. I decided to work with Julien Superb-Owl’s work. His work consists oh high contrast black and white landscape scenes, with a centered white geometric design. I started going through my pictures and taking new ones to figure out something that would work. I experimented with portraits, cityscapes, abstraction, inside photographs, and landscapes. I edited a whole bunch, and narrowed it down to about 30. I then proceeded to do research on symbols and draw some thumbnails.